About Us

Who we are

“If employees are regarded as the kings of any business organization,
then we take pride in believing that we are the king makers”

A brainchild of Shri. M. V. Badri Narayanan, Ontrack HR Services Private Limited has come a long way since its inception back in the year 2005. With more than a decade of hardcore experience in offering top notch HR solutions across business verticals, today Ontrack HR Services is celebrated as one of the leading names in the business. Since our inception, there has been no turning back as we have been progressing day-after-day, driven by pure excellence.

What we do

Companies and corporations, irrespective of their sizes, choose to partner with us to accomplish the most eminent degrees of excellence in their talent strategies. Our organization is purely fueled by a vibrant set of incredibly smart working individuals who connect the right people with the right opportunities and facilitating businesses make headway. We start and end our work day at Ontrack HR Services with one simple yet invariant thought to be the best workforce solutions provider in the world.

  What we offer

We bring life to our thoughts by building up durable associations and partnerships and offering cost effective, professional and customer-centric services to the clients. In a more logical fashion, we are easy yet effective to deal with. Our business profile entirely depends on the needs and demands of clients, customers and candidates. We partner with clients to help them achieve their business goals by offering unparalleled insights on how to get the most out of their talent strategies. Likewise, we interact with job seekers, thoroughly understand their aspirations and help them achieve their dream career.

What makes us different

To Clients

For job requirements that demand non-job specific skills, Ontrack HR Services provide our clients with made-to-order results, concentrating on industry operation and cost leadership. Furthermore, this means guaranteeing persistence and sustaining long-run associations with partners. For job requirements that demand particularized professional skills, Ontrack HR Services has a remarkable team of recruiting professionals who do the cost effective yet desired job for you. Our objective is to offer back-to-back appointments and ensuring retaining talents for our clients.

To Job Seekers

We choose to do what we do best – WE CONNECT!.We interact with hundreds of thousands of candidates in order to connect the right opportunity to the right candidate. We do not assume but understand the job expectations of every candidate and understand their needs-wants-demands. We promise the most effective solutions to the job seekers and excited to help them around-the-clock.