Temporary & Permanent Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Owing to the current popular trend, organizations, no matter their size, prefer temporary or contractual employees to contend with the today’s volatile job market. Temporary staffing offers speedy access to skilled job seekers and is undoubtedly, a cost-efficient option as well. Ontrack HRS extensively serves clients and customers for their project-based or time-based staffing demands by offering temporary and contractual staffing services.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring a permanent employee and getting the new resource involved in the organization’s progress is not an elementary affair but a commitment. We, Ontrack HRS help our clients achieve this commitment, effective results and progressive outcomes through our permanent staffing services. Furthermore, Ontrack HRS, from time to time, keeps in touch with every individual who have been recruited for permanent roles even after the hiring process is all over to help our clients in terms of employee retention.

Temporary & Permanent Staffing

We at Ontrack HR Services Private Limited always believe and assure our clients that ‘we care for their goals as much as they do’. We deal with them as our partners and not just clients and we leave no stone unturned to help achieve their talent strategies. Our reputation is totally built on caring about our client’s wellbeing in terms of their business progress. We have come a long way to be a top name in the human resource industry for our quality and knack in attracting and retaining hand-picked quality employees who empower our client’s progress.

Ever since inception, our incessant positive endeavors have helped us evolve our core expertise in talent acquisition. We understand thoroughly that right set of talent is the essence of every successful business organization. And, at Ontrack, we recognize the right talent and we provide temporary / permanent staffing services and solutions for every business need. Ontrack facilitates clients handle their short-run and long-run business goals through our far-reaching staffing services and solutions. Our distinctive recruitment process commences from identifying the right people from a potpourri of sources that is not just LIMITED to job portals, job postings and other usual online networks. Our recruitment process involves creating and maintaining extensive referral networks to be more relevant and to pick the most suitable talent for our clients. Furthermore, we make the most out of the social media to get the best fit of talent out there. Our Services cover various industry segments that include Information Technology, Telecom, Banking & Insurance, Engineering, Media, Textile, Jewelers and so on.